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THE HEANA CAT - 'The In-Between' out Dec 10!

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

Setsuzoku Records is proud to announce the international debut album from Tokyo cult favorite THE HEANA CAT! The In-Between will be released on CD and digital in the UK, EU, and in North America on December 10, 2021. The In-Between, The Heana Cat's the full-length international album, is a collection of 11 epic rerecorded songs from an extensive catalog of haunting hooks and memorable riffs. Featuring an exclusive bonus track, 'Asobitai,' the release also introduces an official new English language logo and new visual aesthetic.

The In-Between will be initially issued in a limited edition 6-panel digipak and comes with an 8 page lyric booklet, featuring romaji transliteration. Future pressings will be standard jewel case. In Japan, the 10-track version of the album saw release November 10 under the title 中級編 (Intermediate). The renaming of the album for the international market represents founder and songwriter Hi-chan's transition to being an international act, now finding herself somewhere between East and West, just as she has always existed somewhere between the gothic and the romantic, the light and the darkness, and navigating the space between genres as only she can.

Track listing:


Dare no sei?




Nante zurui no anata tte


Yume no kakera



Asobitai (bonus tracks)

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