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THE HEANA CAT joins Setsuzoku Records

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

After years of being a favorite of Setsuzoku and Orion, it is an honor to announce that gothic-romantic Jrock outfit THE HEANA CAT is joining Setsuzoku Records.

Propelled by the masterful songwriting and bewitching voice of multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Hi-chan, THE HEANA CAT has been a cult favorite on the livehouse circuit in Japan since the project began in 2013. Originally a duo, the group’s gothic-romantic take on J-rock and J-pop is both haunting and sophisticated. With a long run of singles and a series of full-length albums to their credit, THE HEANA CAT has produced such memorable tracks as “Koi ga Shitai,” “Daijoubu,” “GuruGuru,” and “Natsukoi Hamarya.” In 2018 THE HEANA CAT released a celebrated collaboration album with Screaming 60s as “The Screaming Heana Cat.” Hi-chan has taken the project to all 47 prefectures and has attracted an overseas following, particularly in France where the group was featured on No Life TV. Despite membership and management shake-ups, THE HEANA CAT has persevered with songs included on Japanese video games, television series, and sports broadcasts. Now the sole member, Hi-chan continues to drive THE HEANA CAT forward. A long-deserved debut international release is planned for late 2021.


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