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New single from MIKUROMIKA! 'Ocean' out Feb 18!

Jpop artst MIKUROMIKA releases her first sngle since the release last year's album MIKUROPOP . 'Ocean' picks up where MIKUROPOP left off with Argentinian DJ and producer Delta Ouji again at the helm with the infectious hooks, beats and melodies which made MIKUROPOP such a perfect launching pad for Jpop's best kept secret. Written before MIKA's time with Setsuzoku Records and the MKUROPOP sessions, 'Ocean' was originally a collaboration with Canadian producer Thor Simonsen and has now been remixed by Delta Ouji to keep that MIKUROPOP vibe flowing into 2022. 'Ocean' will be released on all digital platforms with two additional tracks—'HITORI' and 'Stand Up Girls'. Both songs also come from Mika's early indie repetiore and recieved the same production and remix treatment bringing them to life in the MIKUROPOP era. More MIKUROMIKA announcements are on the way! Stay tuned.

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