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Isiliel signs with Setsuzoku Records!

Himari Tsukishiro is here! The NECRONOMIDOL member's solo project has found a home with Setsuzoku Records!

The debut album Moonbow Genesis— a beautiful and brutal 10-track concept album written by Nicholay Hovland and recorded and mixed by heavy metal master Fredrik Nordström (In Flames, Hammerfall, Arch Enemy, BRIDEAR)—will be released in UK, Europe, and North America on all digital platforms April 28th! Setsuzoku Records is also proud to announce a very special edition of the CD to be released June 2nd! The international edition of the album will feature not only an alternative cover, but a completely excluisve booklet with all new images, full English lyrics to follow the story, and the instrumental version of "Koumyou Kishi" as an exclusive CD bonus track. Pre-sale is happenng now!

Isiliel - Moonbow Genesis

1.Koumyou Kishi

2. Geshoku Senka

3. Jodo Dokushou

4. Kikoku Enbu

5. Seiha Sougyou

6. Enen Futou

7. Seian Kengen

8. Keisei Densetsu

9. Sange Ittai

10. Genesis

Bonus track - Koumyou Kishi (Inst. version)

For more on Isiliel, visit the official homepage and follow on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

About Isiliel

Isiliel is a solo dance/vocal project by Himari Tsukishiro (NECRONOMIDOL).

Mixing genres as diverse as folk, blackgaze and city pop via a worldwide team of veteran songwriters such as King Dude and NARASAKI of COALTAR OF THE DEEPERS, through Isiliel Himari will express hitherto unexplored depths of pathos and beauty on stage.

In under one year of activities Isiliel has already completed two successful international tours, including performances at anime expo chibi and NärCon Vinter, and has received 150,000 views on the music video for “Koumyou Kishi”.

Isiliel will embark on its first world tour in summer of 2023 with shows spread across three continents.

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