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Ichinose is coming! Aoiro Ichigo signs with Setsuzoku Records

Setsuzoku Records is excited to announce the signing of Aoiro Ichigō!

Aoiro Ichigō is the solo project of popular and versatile bassist Ichinose (ex-Zattai Club). Ichonose’s projects and collaborations have led her to a sound she describes as ‘cyber rock’ combining many musical influences. Performing on the livehouse circuit in Japan with a band and as a solo performer, Aoiro Ichigō has become Ichinose’s outlet for a dark world view with a fun twist as she continues to develop as a songwriter.

Over the last year, Ichinose has become one of the most requested artists for Setsuzoku Records to support. Her connection to The Heana Cat as support bassist and side-project collaborator with Hi-chan, and her reputation from Zettai Club have kept her on the label’s radar. Ichinose’s strong work ethic and determination have fostered a loyal following, including very vocal international fans, rooting for her success. Setsuzoku Records is excited to be part of that journey.

Details of the first Aoiro Ichigō release will be announced soon.

In addition to joining Setsuzoku Records, Ichinose has also joined Orion Live International for overseas booking and media.

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