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SETSUZOKU RECORDS is proud to announce the signing of legendary Japanese metal and visual kei guitarist HIZAKI!

As lead guitarist and composer for symphonic power metal bands Versailles and Jupiter, and as an instrumental metal solo artist, the brilliant fretwork of the flamboyant HIZAKI has amazed audiences all over the world. With his stunning musicianship and equally striking appearance, HIZAKI is ready to expand that global reach.

“I am very happy that my solo work will be released in Europe and the UK by Setsuzoku Records!” says HIZAKI. “I am looking forward to sharing the ultimate beauty and emotion of instrumental music with a wider world!”

HIZAKI’s skills as a guitarist and composer are on full display in his soaring melodies and creative sweeping solos which are sure to capture the imagination of new listeners. “We are excited to have a musician the caliber of HIZAKI join our label,” said SETSUZOKU RECORDS co-director David Batey. “He is already known around the world, but HIZAKI deserves to see that audience grow.”

SETSUZOKU RECORDS is preparing a special European release of HIZAKI’s solo material to please current fans while also introducing this important artist to a larger international audience. Details on the upcoming release will be announced in the coming weeks.

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