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HEAVENSTAMP signs with Setsuzoku Records

We are proud to welcome our second artist - indie rock duo HEAVENSTAMP!

Underground Tokyo sensation HEAVENSTAMP has been echoing the lineage of international indie pop-rock since their inception in 2009. Following in the footsteps of pop icons ranging from Blur and Radiohead to Bjork and Bowie, the sultry energy of vocalist Sally#Cinnamon and infectious songwriting/production of guitarist Tomoya.S is unmistakable. The duo first caught the attention of Warner Music Japan in 2011 and a full-length debut was released in 2012. Working on side writing projects with artists from Warner and other major labels, HEAVENSTAMP went back underground until they established their own indie label in 2017, Tengoku Records, and reemerged that same year with a second album of addictive pop-rock. Having performed at Japanese rock festivals and then a tour in the UK, HEAVENSTAMP began to develop an international reputation eventually co-producing work with British guitarist Russell Lissack (Bloc Party) and US Indie band Animal Collective. HEAVENSTAMP’s third album was released in Japan in 2019 and the Brit-rock influenced duo have not looked back! In 2021, HEAVENSTAMP’s signature guitar-driven eclectic groves and artful presentation will be on full display as they join Setsuzoku Records for their first official international release. Album details and release information will be announced in the new year!

Welcome to Setsuzoku Records, HEAVENSTAMP!


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