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HEAVENSTAMP new album out 26 February 2021, first single out 22 January

Tokyo indie-rock duo HEAVENSTAMP's new album, From the Basement, will be released worldwide 26 February 2021.

The UK/EU edition of the album on SETSUZOKU RECORDS will feature an exclusive bonus track, "Virtual" and will be released on CD and digital download/streaming on all major platforms. The CD will come with a 12-page booklet featuring the band's original photography from around the UK as well as English liner notes and lyrics in both Japanese and romaji transliteration.

In addition, the band will release the album's first digital single and music video for the song "Sail to Heaven" on 22 January. Inspired by 90's brit-rock, the single is the new album's opening track and hints at the infectious hooks and driving rhythms to come on From the Basement.

The duo's 4th album, From the Basement heralds HEAVENSTAMPS return to addictive guitar driven indie-rock after the previous album's exploration of excellent and stylish synth art-pop.

For an additional taste of what's to come, check out the YouTube offering of the official audio for the new album's second track, "Scrap."

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