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Colorpointe - Medically BAROQUE to be released February 25

Setsuzoku Records is proud to announce the release of the first international album by ballet-themed vocal and dance unit Colorpointe—Medically BAROQUE.

Acting as a soundtrack to Colorpointe’s engaging live performances, Medically BAROQUE is a reflection of the unit’s ambition. From classical string and piano arrangements to Jrock and traces of idol, Medically BAROQUE is an ambitious and stylish album of stories anchored by solid J-pop hooks, lush production, and charming vocal performances.

Led by choreographer, director, and lyricist HINK, the group’s creativity demands attention. “As a truly creative and innovative project, Colorpointe deserves international exposure” says Setsuzoku Records co-owner Christopher Morris. “This album is brilliant—but Colorpointe is more than music. It is an experience. This group is a vehicle for the visionary spirit of some of the most determined and talented performers we’ve worked with.”

The international version of Medically BAROQUE will feature the original seven tracks of the Japanese release PLUS three exclusive bonus tracks. In addition, the CD will have an exclusive cover as part of an all-new booklet design based on the original art. The booklet will also include romaji lyric transliteration. While romaji will allow new fans to sing along, English lyric translations will be available online

to help bring Colorpointe’s world alive to an English-speaking audience.

“We are excited to release our album overseas on Setsuzoku Records!” says HINK. “We try to create a whole new world with music and dance and this is a world that people of all countries and generations can enjoy. We hope Medically BAROQUE will introduce Colorpointe to a new audience!”

Medically BAROQUE is out February 25 on CD and digital.

Track list

1. Cathedral Mirage

2. Stray Sheep School

3. Yumemabo Seranade

4. Witch Hunting Night

5. Life is for the Stage

6. Dolly Homing

7. Swan Garden

Bonus tracks

8. Maharoba Kanrakugai

9. Sugar Pianist

10. 8-bit Town

About Colorpointe

Formed in January 2011, Colorpointe is a dance & vocal unit performing hybrid entertainment of ballet and alternative music! The result is a depiction of Colorpointe’s own fantastic world enriched by music and dance. Those witnessing this fresh approach to entertainment have often referred to it as “watching music” due to the fusion of emotional choreography and striking music. Led by choreographer, director, and lyricist HINK, Colorpointe has performed across Japan and grown their international appeal performing in many Japanese cultural events in Thailand, Singapore, and the United States. Colorpointe is now prepared to take the next step in growing an international audience and has signed a deal with UK-based label Setsuzoku Records.

About Setsuzoku Records

SETSUZOKU RECORDS is the record label division of ORION LIVE (UK) LIMITED, an artist services company dedicated exclusively to expanding the careers of Japanese artists. With offices in Birmingham UK and Phoenix, Arizona USA, the label licenses for the UK, EU, and US markets the music and merchandise of a diverse array of Japanese artists representing heavy metal, rock, idol, J-pop, and more.

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