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Ballet-themed dance & vocal unit COLORPOINTE joins Setsuzoku Records

We are excited to announce the signing of COLORPOINTE!

Formed in January 2011, Colorpointe is a dance & vocal unit performing hybrid entertainment of ballet and alternative music! The result is a depiction of Colorpointe’s own fantastic world enriched by music and dance. Those witnessing this fresh approach to entertainment have often referred to it as “watching music” due to the fusion of emotional choreography and striking music. Led by choreographer, director, and lyricist HINK, Colorpointe has performed cross Japan and grown their international appeal performing in many Japanese cultural events in Thailand, Singapore, and the United States. Colorpointe is now prepared to take the next step in growing an international audience and has signed a deal with Setsuzoku Records.

"This is an exciting and fresh project for us" says Setsuzoku Records co-director Christopher Morris. "Colorpointe is a unique project which deserves increased international attention. They are exceptionaly talanted and creative women with the amazing Hink and Ari as the driving force. Working with them has been nothing but amazing and we will work hard to get them the focus they deserve."

News on the future release will be relesed soon. Please check out Colorpointe's YouTube videos and social media for a taste of what's to come.

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