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BABYBEARD welcomes new member MAHRI

BABYBEARD is thrilled to welcome our newest member, MAHRI, to the BABYBEARD family!!Having been born in Japan but growing up in Panama, Australia and Thailand, polyglot MAHRI is here to bring a new level of internationality to our globally focussed unit. Fluent in English and Japanese, conversational in Thai, plus having spent 3 years performing with her previous idol unit, MAHRI is the perfect team mate with which to continue our quest for world domination.

“I started performing as an idol to deliver Japanese idol culture all over the world. Being part of BABYBEARD gives me a huge opportunity to make my dream come true. I hope I can use my experience and skills I got from past 3 years and make everyone happy by performing on the stage!” - MAHRI, Ladybeard, SUZU and the entire BABYBEARD team look forward to working with MAHRI, and look forward to bringing our Adorable Assault on the Senses to a town near you SOON!!


Twitter - @Babybeard_Japan, YouTube - @Babybeard_official, Spotify

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