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BABYBEARD signs wih Setsuzoku Records

New digital maxi-single Twisted Kaiju Tale out April 26th Smile, dance and SCREAM!!! Babybeard is here! Setsuzoku Records is proud to announce the signing of the indelible pop-metal group BABYBEARD featuring Ladybeard, KOTOMI and SUZU!

On the heels of debut tracks “NIPPON KARA KONNICHIWA” and “PIENNIZER” (written by Takashi Asano & Natsumi Tadano who also wrote "Nippon Manju," the track which rocketed Ladybeard to fame around the world), Setuzoku Records will be releasing the new digital maxi-single Twisted Kaiju Tale on April 26th!

Twisted Kaiju Tale is the pop-metal beast of a track Ladybeard fans have come to know and love. Taming the beast is KOTOMI & SUZU providing the sugar coating Jpop charm like only they can. Alongside the lead single is the frantic chaos and bouncy 8-bit hook of the unforgetable"Optisquad."

Want to get out your inner Ladybeard? Want to take over for KOTOMI or SUZU? No problem. The release also features karaoke versions of both songs. The 4-track digial maxi-single Twisted Kaiju Tale will be released worldwide on April 26th! Pre-save on your favorite platform here! Follow BABYBEARD

Twitter - @Babybeard_Japan, YouTube - @Babybeard_official, Spotify


BABYBEARD is a Japanese pop-metal idol group consisting of Australian cross-dressing Kawaiicore metal singer and pro-wrestler Ladybeard, and Japanese pop idols KOTOMI and SUZU. The group was formed after Ladybeard spent 15 years onstage and on camera in various forms of entertainment all over the world including heavy metal performance, pro-wrestling, theatre, film, TV, voice overs, stunts and dance, in 5 languages. Through all that work it has become clear to Ladybeard that he has a purpose on this earth…. And he`ll fulfill that purpose with BABYBEARD.

Japan is an amazing country that has much to offer the world in terms of pop culture, and Ladybeard has worked hard since moving to Japan in 2014 to give outsiders an increased level of access to the riches that Japanese pop culture, known colloquially as kawaii culture, has to offer. It`s colorful, it`s joyous, it`s wild, and we want to share it with you. Why? Well, everyone needs help sometimes to stay motivated and positive as life throws its various struggles and challenges at us. BABYBEARD is a project that we hope can fill people everywhere with hope, smiles and encouragement, even in the most difficult of times.

This is achieved via colorful and high energy songs and performances, a harmonious marriage of juxtaposing extremes. Because it`s amazing. And because we believe that any goal or dream is achievable, however unlikely or unattainable it might seem. It is our hope that our work will inspire people everywhere to ignore negative voices and strive to reach their own chosen ambitions. Ladybeard has participated in several collaborative pop-metal projects since arriving in Japan, and he hopes that BABYBEARD can bring together the best elements of all his previous work.

The group`s music is up-tempo, catchy and energizing, fusing cute female voices with the guttural screams of heavy metal. The debut songs “NIPPON KARA KONNICHIWA” and “PIENNIZER” were written by musical geniuses Takashi Asano and Natsumi Tadano, the song writers behind the 2015 hit “Nippon Manju” that rocketed Ladybeard to fame around the world and has over 30 million views. KOTOMI and SUZU were chosen from a pool of candidates from all over Japan to join Ladybeard in the group, through an audition process.

We`re here to change your world. So prepare yourself, and smile.

Better yet…. Smile, dance, and SCREAM!!

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