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Aoiro Ichigō album "No. 1" and EP "A-I-SHI-TE-RU-WA" double release - March 17, 2023!

Setsuzoku Records is excited to announce the label's latest release...or should we say TWO releases. The beloved Ichinose will finally see two of her previous works released overseas.

Aoiro Ichigō, the solo project of popular and versatile bassist Ichinose (ex-Zattai Club), will celebrate a double release on March 17th!

No. 1 Her debut international full-length album, No. 1 (titled Some Blue in Japan) will be released with a whole new look and fresh sound!

Reimagined by the artist and remastered for a new worldwide audience, No.1 showcases the talented bassist's unique and creative approach to her self-described 'cyber rock'.

No. 1 will feature all 10 tracks from the original Japanese release.

Prototype B.B.

Denshi no umi wa ao yori fukaku


Nehan no sora



Good-bye debug

Ongaku ni naritai

Eien no art


Going with a new look for a new era, Ichinose and Setsuzoku Records worked together to reimagine the look and feel of the art design for No. 1. Looking at where she's been, where she is, and where she is going, the talented bassist and composer loved the 'retro-future-digital' theme which still, of course, radiates with her signature color.


Along with No. 1, the Aoiro Ichigō EP A-I-SHI-TE-RU-WA will also be remastered with a totally new cover and design! The original 6 song EP will also have a bonus track, "Kojitsu no hana!"


Somato ni ikite Ms. BAD BLUE Kowareta oningyo 2U AOEDE

*bonus track*

Kojitsu no hana

The artwork has been completely reimagined with a sleek and sophisticated look chosen by the artist herself.

The tracks have all been remastered to give the sound a fresh but heavier 'punch' adding a new dimension for current fans and a powerful introduction for those new to the music of Aoiro Ichigō.

Both releases will be available at a special pre-sale package price plus pre-sale bonus item to be announced!

Pre-sale begins January 25th.

Over the last year, Ichinose has become one of the most requested artists for Setsuzoku Records to support. Ichinose’s strong work ethic and determination have fostered a loyal following, including very vocal international fans, rooting for her success. Setsuzoku Records is excited to be part of that journey.

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